Cow Stops Off At Cafe During Spanish Bull Run

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Video Credit: CEN/@tertulialaguardia

This footage shows a cow charging from a cafe as onlookers flee after it wandered into the outlet during a bull-running event.

The incident was filmed in the town of Laguardia in the northern Spanish province of Alava located in the Basque Country and posted on social media.

The running of the bulls event was part of the town’s festival celebrations in honour of Saint John and Saint Peter.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@tertulialaguardia

According to reports, a heifer was taking part in the bull run when it smashed its way into a cafe and even got into the storage room where it caused a lot of damage.

In the video footage, several residents are seen calling the cow from outside the cafe just before it comes scarpering out, forcing several onlookers to flee for cover.

A waitress told local media: “It did not harm anyone, luckily. When it came in, the cafe was empty because everyone was outside watching the event.”

Video Credit: CEN

She added: “I am from Romania and have been working here for two months. I have never seen a bull run or a heifer and my first experience was too close!”

A police officer said: “The heifer tried to go into the cafe twice and managed on its third attempt. The route was properly marked, but the animal managed to move a post.”

Inside the cafe, the cop and several residents formed a path with overturned tables to lure the cow outside. 

The officer said: “In the end we managed to get it out without anyone being hurt.”

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