COVID-19: Sexologist Says Orgasms Can Kill Virus

This sexologist has claimed that “orgasms kill all coronaviruses” while suggesting that a “good and deep blowjob clears the karma and raises the vibration” and is therefore good for the immune system.

Russian-born sexologist Natalia Kobikinai is well known for posting colourful messages about sex and relationships for her army of social media followers.

In a recent online class, she offered advice on how to keep COVID-19 at bay through sex.


Kobikinai said: “Orgasms kill all coronaviruses. I guarantee you that. Sex is very good prophylaxis against coronavirus as it super-activates the immune system.

“That’s why older people get sick, they don’t orgasm. If they had sex they would deal with the virus better.”

She added: “A good and deep blowjob clears the karma and raises the vibration. So girls who want to clear their karma need to find a ‘victim’ willing to sacrifice their ‘banana’.”


Netizen ‘Veronica Mileva’ said: “I’m wondering what to think. IT’s better not to bother people with your nonsense.”

‘NataliaNaseva’ commented: “You are pretty dumb… and your followers are dumber than you.”

However, some netizens were thankful for the sexologist’s advice and vowed to give her tips a try.

Kobikinai is the author of several bestsellers, including ‘A Woman’s Guide to Happiness’, ‘69 Sex Tips’ and ‘33 Days to the Dream’.

She has a Master’s degree in Family Psychotherapy and Sexology from the Research Institute for Family Systems Therapy and Medical Psychology in Russia. She is also a qualified family therapist and clinical psychologist, according to local media.

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