Costas Brothers Accidental Dip In Pool With Tricycle

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Video Credit: Golders/@diego.costa

This is the hilarious moment former Chelsea striker Diego Costa’s brother takes an accidental dip in a pool as the striker films him riding a tricycle.

The funny moment was shared by Atletico Madrid star Costa, 31, to his army of 3.7 million followers showing his brother Jair Costa have a tough time at the pool.

The video shows the moment Jair Costa is seen turning on a hoverboard tricycle and then riding towards the edge of the pool as he tugs on a lever seemingly making the scooter move.

Picture Credit: Golders/@diego.costa

Jair is seen trying to move away from the pool as he closely approaches it, however, he is unable to create enough distance as the front and back-left wheels touch the edge of the pool causing him to lose control and eventually falling legs-up into the pool.

The striker’s brother struggles to exit the pool as his first attempt fails and the tricycle falls in pushing him back into the water.

Jair finally gets out of the pool in his second attempt immediately running away the moment he is able to get on his feet.

He is seen taking what seems to be a mobile phone out of his pocket while he runs and the video comes to an end. Several laughing emojis can be seen across the screen throughout video.

There have been conflicting reports of the person on the tricycle but Diego Costa later released a video tagging his brother seemingly crediting him for the accidental dip in the pool.

Costa returned to Atletico Madrid in the 2017/2018 season after playing for Chelsea between the years 2014 and 2017. He has been injured since November of last year after suffering a herniated disc.

Local media report the forward might return in February in the best of cases but could potentially miss the entire season.

Atletico Madrid are third in La Liga, five points behind Barcelona and Real Madrid who are level on 40 points with Barca sitting top on goal difference.

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