Cops Unsure In Which Jail To Put Pretty Trans Singer

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Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

This pretty transgender model and singer Lucinta Luna is causing problems for cops after being arrested for allegedly taking ecstasy because police do not know whether to put them in a male or female jail cell.


According to local media, the singer, whose official name is Muhammad Fatah, was arrested at their apartment in Central Jakarta, one of the five administrative cities which form the Special Capital Region of Jakarta in Indonesia.

Luna was detained at around 1.30pm on 11th February for possession of illegal drugs, believed to be ecstasy. Also arrested at the same time were three other people who were not named, according to reports.


Luna allegedly tested positive for illegal substances after their arrest.

However, police were unsure whether to place the 30-year-old singer in a male or female cell for the 20-day detention period, which could be extended to 40 days before the trial begins.

Police chief Audie Latuheru told reporters: “I don’t know where to detain the suspect, in the cell for men or women.”

Officer Iptu Bachrun said: “We haven’t decided on that yet, as he (sic) is still being detained at the investigation room.”


According to local media, the authorities decided to put the singer in a female cell to avoid potential bullying from male inmates.

Police detention and evidence storage director Commander Barnabas said they had come up with a temporary solution same: “We have prepared a special cell at a women’s detention facility, where the suspect will be detained alone.

“Lucinta is put in the women’s cell to prevent her from being bullied by male detainees.

“It’s for her own safety. Besides, the men’s detention facility is fully occupied while spaces are available at the women’s facility. We must ensure the safety of any detainee and protect them from bullying.”


The investigation continues.

It was unclear whether Lucinda who identifies as female has undergone any surgery to ensure their body type matches the gender they identify with.

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