Cops Twist Gay Mans Balls In Hours Long Torture Session

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/Lautaro

Six police officers have been suspended after being accused of beating and torturing a gay couple for over four hours because they were homosexual.

According to local media, six cops from the city of Santo Tome in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe have been suspended following an alleged attack on a gay couple.

Nahuel and Alexis were driving home when they were reportedly stopped by the police for speeding.

Picture Credit: CEN & CEN/Lautaro & CEN/Alexis Do Santos

However, Alexis claimed: “The fact that my car is silver with tinted windows caught their attention I think.”

He also said that the police followed the couple to their home when they allegedly drew “their firearms and started shouting at us”.

Alexis claimed: “We were beaten up, they even smashed our heads together. It was a clear abuse of power by the police.”

The two men were then taken to the police station where the police discovered that they were both gay and, according to one of the victims, things became worse from there.

Alexis said: “Inside the police station, we were beaten again and at one point I told my boyfriend ‘be calm my love, we will get out of this’.

“When they found out we were gay, the psychological and physical abuse really started.

“They twisted my genitals and pushed me against the wall. There were a lot of cops there. The ones hitting us were laughing.”

According to Alexis, the ordeal lasted for around four hours and only ended when family members arrived at the police station.

The pair were then taken to a police doctor and the video shows Alexis being carried into the station by the same cops who allegedly beat him as he sits on a wooden chair.

The images show the bruising the pair seemingly suffered to their bodies in the alleged attack.

Police official Ricardo Motta told local media that the couple was arrested for speeding and resisting arrest.

He also confirmed that the alleged abuse is being investigated and that six officers have been suspended.

The probe continues.