Cops Shoot Car As Woman Threatens To Hit Family In Row

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment cops riddle a woman’s car with bullets after she knocks over a policeman while threatening to mow down her relatives in a domestic dispute.

The family row was recorded by shocked neighbours who watched as the woman surnamed Wang, 50, drove her silver SUV straight at her relatives.

The video filmed in the city of Chaoyang in north-eastern China’s Liaoning Province on 11th July shows young children among the scuffle on the ground.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

A little girl can be heard screaming as Wang steps on the accelerator and threatens to mow her relatives down.

They manage to get out of the way as the woman attempts several more times to crash into one particular male family member with whom she is arguing.

The video then shows uniformed police officers surrounding Wang, trying to make her leave the vehicle. But she reverses away and knocks over one policeman who opens the passenger-side door.

Witnesses gasp as the lead officer tries to bash the woman’s window in using a truncheon.

When she does not stop, the cop draws his pistol and fires at the woman’s car, appearing to be aiming for the tyres.

The gunshots help subdue the woman as she is arrested and escorted to a police van moments later.

Chaoyang police said Wang injured one officer during the incident, with none of her family members coming to any harm.

The officer is not in any life-threatening condition, with further investigations ongoing.

The police did not reveal what the family members were fighting about.

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