Cops Shame Man Arrested For Used Tissue Virus Stunt

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This picture shows cops who turn the tables on a selfish Chinese man who blew his nose with a tissue and then stuffed it back into a box meant to be used by residents to press lift buttons without catching the Wuhan coronavirus.

After the stunt the man identified only as Mr Huang did a thumbs-up to the CCTV camera, apparently not expecting any consequences. But instead, he was tracked down and arrested, and when using the lift to take him to the station, police officers repeated the thumbs up gesture as the arrested man stood in the background with his head down.


The original video of the man’s selfish action was shot on 8th February when Huang and two friends climbed into the lift at then the lift at the Xishan Meijun Residential District in the city of Jiangyou in south-western China’s Sichuan province.

He removed a tissue from the box attached to the lift car wall and blows his nose with it and when his friends protested him crumpling up and putting it back in the box, Huang turns to look at the surveillance camera and does a thumbs-up gesture.


Jiangyou police officers arrested Mr Huang two days later and photographed themselves inside the same lift, doing the same thumbs-up gesture to the camera as he was detained for a public order crime, but his sentence was not disclosed.

Tensions are high as the death toll of the coronavirus – now officially known as covid-19 by the WHO – reaches 1,114 in mainland China.

More than 45,200 cases have been reported worldwide.

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