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Cops Let Thugs Who Groped And Beat Women Walk Free

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This young Turkish woman has slammed cops in Germany for freeing two Polish men who allegedly punched her and hit her with a beer bottle after groping her friend.

The attack happened when victim Fulya Parlak, 28, was in the centre of Munich with her sister Ilayda Parlak, 20, when she says the two Polish men, aged 23 and 26, approached them. 

Fulya said they were on their way home from a party and one of the men had started groping her sister before then attacking her with his fists and a beer bottle.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/Google Maps

She told local media: “As they were walking past, one of them grabbed my sister’s breast, and I asked him what he thought he was doing. At that point the other man attacked me.”

The young woman fell to the ground, and was then allegedly hit by the other man using the beer bottle.

She said: “Since it happened, I’ve been really scared, I have been unable to sleep properly. My nose is broken, and I have torn a tendon in my right ankle.”

The only thing that stopped the incident getting worse was the fact that police intervened, and arrested the two Polish men, according to reports.

But a short while later she learned that they were released from investigative custody because both of them have fixed addresses in Germany, which has upset the young woman.

She said: “I can’t understand how they can let them three after such a violent attack.”

In an editorial, bestselling German newspaper Bild wrote: “This case leaves us all speechless. Something like this should not happen. Two women have been assaulted, they were beaten with fists and a beer bottle, and yet a short while later the two (alleged) attackers (sic) are allowed to go home. 

“It is not about where they are from that we are demanding this, it should be the same for anybody who attacks anybody else with a beer bottle, they need to experience the consequences. They are not going to experience that if they are sitting at home enjoying breakfast while their victim is still in hospital. It is simply not right.”

Police said that both men had the equivalent of three times the alcohol limit for drink-driving in their blood (1.5 pro mil and the legal limit is 0.5). They said the pictures had been taken but because they had no criminal record in Germany, and a fixed address in the country, it was decided they were not at risk of fleeing.

They are under investigation on charges of GBH, sexual assault and aggravated GBH. If convicted, the sentence can be anything between two and five years in jail.

In a statement she wrote on social media Fulya noted that she will not remain silent for the violence over women and said: “I have promised that I will not be silent. From the messages I received I realised that we were not the only ones. Show the courage to speak up. Protect each other!”

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