Cops Do Nothing As Football Hooligans Kick Mans Head In

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Golders News & Sports

Video Credit: Golders

This is the moment police officers stand idly by while football hooligans kick a man in the head as he is lying on the ground in a brutal brawl on Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Copacabana beach.

The shocking scenes were recorded by an onlooker ahead of the Copa Libertadores match between Brazilian side Flamengo and Uruguayan team Penarol.

In the video, reportedly filmed on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach, a Penarol fan lying on the ground in front of a police car and a watching officer as four Flamengo thugs stomp on his head and hit him with sticks and furniture.

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Picture Credits: Golders

The beating continues until another officer steps in and the Penarol fan continues lying on the ground. However, more Flamengo fans appear to try and continue beating the fan of the Uruguayan team before he eventually gets to his feet and runs onto a nearby coach.

Another clip shows a group of Penarol thugs, dressed in yellow and black, clashing with Flamengo hooligans.

Video Credit: Golders

One Flamengo thug is bundled to the ground and a Penarol hooligan then kicks him in the back before he manages to scramble away.

A Flamengo hooligan can then be seen punching a Penarol counterpart in the face before running away as he is chased by the Uruguayan hooligans.

The fight then reignites further down the beach with furniture being thrown as thugs from both sides pile in and a woman can be seen running away.

Reports state 70 Penarol fans were stopped and searched by the Brazilian police before being allowed to board coaches taking them to the Maracana stadium.

Brazilian site UOL Esporte state that 250 Penarol fans are believed to have started the altercation by trying to steal the belongings of Flamengo fans who were on Copacabana beach.

No arrests have been reported in the incident. The Copa Libertadores match finished 1-0 to Penarol. It is unclear if the police officers are being investigated.

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