Cops Deliver 3 Fawns From Killed Deers Belly By Roadside

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These heroic cops successfully delivered three unborn fawns from their mother’s belly after their heavily-pregnant mum was hit by a car.

The animal was struck by a car in the early hours of the morning on the B39 provincial road near the city of Speyer in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

A police spokesman said: “She was already dead when the police arrived. The officers informed the animal rescue services.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Michael Sehr-Berufstierrettung Rhein-Neckar

To the cops’ surprise, the pregnant deer’s stomach had been torn open and its waters had burst from the impact.

According to reports, officers rescued the three unborn fawns in a precipitate delivery by the roadside.

The baby deer were then placed on the backseat of the patrol car and handed over to Michael Sehr of Berufstierrettung Rhein-Neckar (professional animal rescue services).

He said: “We rubbed them warm to stimulate their circulation. They were born a bit premature and one is still weak.”

Fortunately, the fawns appeared uninjured from the car crash and were safely transferred to the wildlife rescue shelter in Huenfelden.

Sehr said that the fawns are currently “doing great” despite early fears they might not make it due to their premature birth and lack of maternal care by their killed mother.

He added: “They are bottle-feeding and developing well. Many thanks to the wildlife rescue shelter Huenfelden for agreeing to take the animals so quickly.

“Thanks also to the Speyer police for their prompt assistance. In this case, the rescue chain worked exceptionally well.”

However, Sehr said that shelters such as his are constantly battling to stay afloat which might make rescue operations more difficult in the future.

Sehr told Central European News (CEN): “We are working tirelessly while not accepting any form of payment.”

He explained that they never charge for rescuing and sheltering animals. 

Sehr said: “We are in dire need of donations. Unfortunately, contributions are down massively at the moment.”

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