Cops Cannot Stop Ref Being Brutally Beaten

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Video Credit: Golders/@wally.diaz.52

This is the shocking moment police in riot gear can do nothing to protect a football referee from being beaten by the players, staff and fans of a team he awarded a late penalty against.

The startling incident occurred at the end of the match in the Regional Amateur Tournament of Argentina Central between Cordoba de Frias and Atletico Guemes.

Local media report referee Jose Silva Castano had given a penalty against home side Frias late in the game which Guemes had converted to give them a 1-0 victory.

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Pictures Credit: Golders/@wally.diaz.52

In the video, referee Jose Silva Castano can be seen blowing for full time when fans and players from Cordoba de Frias can be seen surrounding the referee along with technical staff from the club.

Two police officers wearing helmets and shields can be seen trying to protect the referee and his assistants as they are kicked, punched and have a wattle thrown at them.

However, the officers can do nothing to stop the abuse and the football officials sprint away from the scene looking for safety.

Two of the officials manage to escape under a metal shutter leading to the changing rooms but their colleague is left outside.

A thug can be seen repeatedly kicking the official in front of the police before the assistant manages to escape under the shutter.

The referee told reporters: “I went there to do my job and for me I was good. It started badly. They arrived there late to look for us and they made us go out onto the pitch in the middle of the home fans, without police officers, and they were insulting us in every way possible.”

He confirmed that he had reported the aggression to the police.

Local media report Cordoba de Frias will be sanctioned for the aggression but it is unclear if a police investigation has been launched.

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