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Cops Arrest Boy Racer Who Caused Boy To Fall On Motorway

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Medics who examined this two-year-old boy who was thrown out of a car on a busy motorway say he suffered only slight external injuries as cops revealed they had arrested the driver accused of causing the incident.

The shocking viral footage taken by a car travelling behind shows the accident as it happened and then how the child who fell out of the car suddenly appears in the fast lane – struggling to stand up after having been thrown from the vehicle.


The little boy had reportedly been sitting on his mother’s lap on the car as it travelled on the North-South Expressway in Malaysia when it was hit by the white car as it swerved across two lanes.

The force of the collision between the blue Honda Jazz and a white Perodua Myvi flung the door of the vehicle the boy was travelling in wide open, and the youngster then tumbled onto the fast lane where he received external injuries to his head, but suffered no internal injuries according to medics.

The quick thinking motorist in the car filming the incident slammed on his brakes, and then a blue lorry stopped in front of the boy and a person jumps out and rushes over to give him assistance.

Reports said the incident took place at around 3.20pm on 10th February near the Ayer Keroh Melaka-Senawang stretch of the motorway with police saying that the driver of the Myvi had been arrested and was being remanded in custody until Friday while the investigation continues.

He was seen being taken to court accompanied by police officers after his arrest by Negeri Sembilan Traffic Investigation and Enforcement officers.

Police superintendent Ibrahim Abd Kadir said: “One of the cars suddenly changed direction and veered towards a Honda Civic, which was in the middle lane.”


He explained that the Honda driver panicked, hit the central reservation and rear-ended another car.

Kadir added: “As a result of the crash, a passenger in the Civic, a two-year-old boy, was thrown out of the car and landed in the fast lane.”

Later pictures show the boy at hospital in the city of Seremban where he was taken for treatment.

The arrest came after Paidaiah Ramu, sister of the Honda driver, identified as Sirrah Sitrah, shared images on social media asking for netizens for more information on the other vehicles involved.

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