Cop Shoots Biker Who Saved Tot Over 40p Hospital Charge

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A Kenyan police officer has reportedly been charged with murder after shooting a motorcycle taxi cabbie – who rescued a drowning toddler – outside the hospital in a row over a 40p parking charge.

According to local media, 24-year-old Daniel Mburu Wangari was shot dead outside the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in the southern Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The motorcycle cabbie had reportedly just rescued a drowning toddler from a river and had brought the tot to the nearby hospital.


Despite a ban on motorcycles in the accidents and emergencies zone, Mburu was granted access and after helping the boy’s mother in the hospital, he returned to his motorbike to park it in an authorised area, according to local media.

However, a police officer on the scene ended up shooting Mburu during a row over a 50 KES (0.4 GBP) parking charge, according to reports.

There were two cops present at the time, and the local authorities identified the officer after a ballistic report reportedly showed that the bullet came from his firearm.

Before the cop was arrested and charged with murder, hundreds of taxi drivers and motorcycle cabbies protested the young man’s death, according to local media.

Police spokesman Kevin Mubadi said: “The young man was just saving another young soul like any good Samaritan, bearing in mind that any emergency medical case is always given first priority, no matter the situation.”

Reports said the unnamed police officer will go on trial for murder.

According to local media, 107 Kenyans were killed by the police last year.

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