Cop Fired After Wife Shared Abuse Images Is Suing Her For Compensation

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A top cop in Kazakhstan who was fired when his wife shared images of the injuries he caused during years of abuse is suing her for libel.

The man was dismissed when Kazakh woman Asel Alkanova, age not disclosed, shared the images and was then featured in local media like Uralskaya Nedelya where she spoke about the nightmare ordeal that she had lived for the past six years.

She said the violence, which started only one year into their marriage when their daughters were only four months old, increased with each passing year.


Alkanova explained that her husband Khaidar Zheksenov, a well-liked police officer who was awarded for his achievements at work several times, became a monster soon as he walked through the door of their home.

She added: “After he started being violent, I told my mother-in-law what happened and asked for help, but she sided with her son and did not help me.”

After a quarrel that turned into a violent attack when she caught him with his mistress Alkanova said she had decided to open up to her family life and the horror she’s been going through.

She said she no longer wanted to suffer in silence, adding: “I thought that such violence should not go unpunished and I shared this situation on social media.


“Immediately, a smear campaign was started by his family. My husband’s brothers wrote on social media that I cheated on him, and women like me should be killed.

“It did not matter to people that I was permanently harmed by my husband’s abuse.

“But I created this monster with my own hands. I compromised and did whatever he wanted because I loved him. I washed him with my own hands like a little boy. I even cut his nails and cleaned his ears. I was a woman who enjoyed taking care of people, but my husband abused it and even used it against me.

“So now I will stand for myself. I will defend my right and do my best to get the right punishment.”


According to news site Uralskaya Nedelya, Zheksenov was fired from his job as a police officer after the story on 18th May last year.

He then went on to file a lawsuit against his wife as well as the newspaper that published his wife’s story.

He is demanding KZT 1 million (GBP 1,710) compensation from Alkanova for the media attention that cost him his job and reputation.

He claims that what she said was not true and is demanding compensation for the loss of his job.

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