Construction Foam Killer Dad Bought His Kids Ice Cream

Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

Picture Credit: Newsflash

These pics show the last moments of two smiling children taken on a bike ride and given an ice cream by their dad shortly before he allegedly put quick setting building foam into their mouths to kill them and prevent them from being resuscitated.

The pics were taken on the mobile phone of their father who shared them with others making no comment – and who is alleged of killing them a short while later.

The trial of the Frenchman, named only as Laurent F. due to local privacy rules, is taking place in Dresden, the capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, where he is accused of murdering his children Leo, 5, and Maya, 2.

He had been living in Dresden which is the capital of the German state of Saxony since 1992 where he had a building firm that had got into serious financial difficulties, and two years ago his wife moved out of the family home. In January last year, he was then arrested with a kilogramme of crystal meth that he was trying to smuggle into the country from Poland, according to local media.

He was engaged in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife, and he took them out for a bike ride and snacks as the pics show before allegedly murdering them. Construction foam was found in the stomach of the young girl during the autopsy, with the medical examiner ruling out that she was unconscious during the attack. Her brother was reportedly killed the same way.

Picture Credit: Newsflash

The dad then allegedly attacked the mother of his children, a Senegalese woman called Marieta, 27, who came to his door and asked to see her children, by hitting her on the back of the head with a blunt object and attempting to strangle her. The scene was reportedly partially caught on CCTV.

The accused dad’s mobile phone is part of the evidence being used in court, and it provides a detailed account of the tragic children’s final hours leading up to the deaths which were reportedly carried out using the building foam to ensure they could not be resuscitated.

Police had apparently been monitoring the Frenchman’s phone after he was caught smuggling the crystal meth. The data was then made available to murder squad detectives and provided detailed insights into the events of the day.

Shortly after 3pm on 9th May 2019, Laurent F. took a picture of his son Leo beaming up at him, with his hands on the handlebars of his ‘police’ bicycle, the data shows.

About twenty minutes later, he took a picture of Maya at the ice cream parlour on Bautzener Strasse in Dresden.

A short while later, Laurent F.’s phone was used to call his former partner, Marieta, and Maya then tells her about eating ice cream and says she really wants her soft toy, a rabbit.

Picture Credit: Newsflash

This is the last time Marieta and Maya were ever to speak to each other.

At 4pm, Laurent F., Leo and Maya arrive at his home on Stetzscher Strasse. Laurent F. goes upstairs with Maya.

At 4:30pm, Leo rides his bike for the last time in the courtyard outside.

Five minutes before 5pm, Laurent F. calls his ex, who tells him she will be there shortly and that she is bringing Maya’s rabbit.

At 5pm, a friend pops by to pick up a flute from the Frenchman. The friend is surprised that the Frenchman was by the door.

At 5:29pm, according to local reports, Laurent F. sent the last photos of the children to Marieta and to 16 friends, without leaving a comment.

The defendant claims not to remember the following two hours, until his former partner rings the doorbell at 7pm.

A coroner stated previously that the children had died from a “massive, long-lasting compression of the neck and an occlusion of the airways.”

Investigators found suede work gloves at the scene which are believed to have been used to choke the children. They also found construction foam that was injected into their mouths.

Laurent F. then told their mother that the children were sleeping, and admits hitting her “with a stone, pushing her away.” The court heard she only survived because she had a thick wig on at the time.

Picture Credit: Newsflash

The court heard that Laurent F. was jealous and accused his former partner of cheating. His attempt to strangle her prompted a passersby to step in, leading to his arrest a little while later after attempting to run away.

He spent three days giving testimony about his life, saying he had been repeatedly beaten by his father, sometimes using a belt and sometimes a stick, and that his father also repeatedly beat his mother.

However he declined in three days of testimony to mention why he had been imprisoned in France, nor did he mention his prison sentence in Dresden for several years for rape and sexual assault in the 90s, which was revealed in court.

Speaking about the motive for the killings he said: “The fact that I killed my children is a reality. But I don’t remember.” He added: “I would do anything for my children. Even if they are no longer there, I think of them every day.”

The trial is ongoing.

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