Constipated OAP Has Spoon Stuck Up Bum

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These images show the OAP who arrived at hospital with a ceramic spoon stuck up his bottom after tried to use the household object to scoop out his own poo.

A doctor has retrieved a ceramic spoon from a constipated pensioner’s rectum after it became stuck up his bottom when he tried to scoop out his poo.

Mr Chen, 79, was taken to the Affiliated Zhongshan Hospital of Guangdong Medical University, which is in the city of Zhongshan in Guangdong Province in South China – and was accompanied by his entire family.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Doctor Duan Wenzhi, who admitted the pensioner on 25th May, ordered X-rays which show the utensil inside his large intestine, its bowl-shaped head pointing upwards.

Experts at the facility feared that Mr Chen was at serious risk of – or perhaps had already – ruptured his colon, which would cause internal bleeding.

“When the patient arrived he was very nervous and quite scared and anxious,” Doctor Duan said.

He added: “He and his family seemed to have tried to remedy the situation themselves for about two to three hours, but when that didn’t work the entire family – young and old – came to the hospital.”

Mr Chen was taken into an operating theatre and Doctor Duan was able to locate and retrieve the slippery ceramic spoon without the need for invasive surgery.

The medic said: “We didn’t find a large amount of blood on the object when it was removed. Therefore, we can assume the patient did not come to any serious harm.”

Mr Chen, who has since recovered and been discharged following the treatment, later revealed his constipation struggles.

He said: “I was on the toilet at home and found it too hard to do a poo, so I tried to scoop it out using the spoon.”

He added: “It slipped out of my hand.”

Mr Chen said he had been suffering from constipation for years – and had successfully used other ‘tools’ to assist himself in the past.

“Sometimes it’s the only option. I get so constipated I faint,” he said.

Doctor Duan advised those who suffer from similar symptoms to seek medical help instead, with a variety of safer options available for professional prescription.

Mr Chen said he had learnt his lesson – and would not do it again.

Using a Chinese idiom to describe his experience, he said finally: “If you climb enough mountains, you’ll eventually meet a tiger.”

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