COME BARK: Howling Pups Save Wandering Toddler

This is the moment a pair of vigilant pups raised the alarm when a 21-month-old toddler decided to go walkies on his own.

The youngster – from the city of Casilda, in the Argentine province of Santa Fe – is caught on CCTV security footage toddling out into the front yard of the family home.

The determined tot trots up to the front gate and determinedly opens it to step out onto the pavement.

Meanwhile, the family dogs – realising something is wrong – reportedly began to bark and one rushed back into the house to alert the family.

Seconds later the boy’s mother comes rushing out and runs into the street looking frantically for her son.

Luckily, he had not got far and she scoops him up in her arms and carries him back home.

A 21-month-old boy leaves his yard, goes out on the street in Casilda, Argentina, on Set. 23, 2022. The dogs barked and warned the mother, who went out to look for him, (Newsflash)

The video appears to have been filmed in late September, but the footage has only just surfaced online making headlines in local media.

Netizens urged the boy’s parents to be more responsible and to keep the gate properly closed.