Clumsy Paraglider Pilot Ends Up Dangling From Lamppost

Story bySibel AbdiuSub-Editor:Joseph GolderAgency:Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN

This was the funny scene after a clumsy paraglider pilot missed his landing target area and ended up hanging from a lamppost.

The man, named only as Kaan A., had jumped from Ali Mountain, near the city of Kayseri in central Turkey’s Kayseri Province.

He reportedly lost control of his paraglider as he approached the landing area and crashed into the lamppost.

Kaan A’s chute ended up wrapped around the top of the lamppost, leaving him dangling and clinging on to the pole.

He was stuck, unable to get neither up nor down, until passersby spotted his predicament and took pity on him.

They raised the alarm by calling emergency services and both paramedics and firefighters quickly arrived on the scene.

First, firefighters brought Kaan A. safely back down to the ground before paramedics treated him for minor injuries at the scene.

Ali Mountain is a major paragliding destination in Turkey and it has staged two Paragliding World Cups and three national champiosnhips.

It is said to be named after the fictional character, Ali Baba, whose adventures were set in the area.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a folk tale which appeared in many versions of the One Thousand and One Nights collection.

Sibel Abdiu

I have worked as a correspondent covering news from Turkey and Albania for several years now.

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