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Chubby Cop Chases Dancing Prankster Off Tube Roof

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News


This is the moment a prankster dances on top of an underground train as part of a social media stunt before being chased away by a chubby cop.

The incident was filmed in the north-western Russian city of Saint Petersburg by the prankster’s pal before being shared on social media to reportedly increase the man’s online following.

In the footage, the young prankster says to the camera: “Do not judge me please. What I’m about to do is cool!”


He then climbs on top of the stationary train at the platform and starts to dance on the roof.

However, a chubby cop comes along and the young prankster is forced to jump down from the train and sprint away from his much slower foe.

Local media identified the Instagram influencer as Nikolay Karpenko from Saint Petersburg who carried out the stunt to boost his online following.


According to reports, Karpenko is aiming for a minimum of 100,000 followers and currently has around 40,000.

Karpenko said: “I didn’t do it to harm anyone, I decided to do this because I wanted publicity as it’s hard to grab the public’s attention anyway else.”

However, his bizarre train dance was not appreciated by many. Netizen ‘Yuriy Golubev’ said: “Idiot!”


‘Andrey Nesterov’ commented: “This cop, man. He’s so fat he can’t even run. What physical training do they do? Such a shame.”

‘Polina Ilyina’ wrote: “So reckless. What if he slipped and fell down?”

It is currently unclear whether Karpenko is being investigated by the local authorities.

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