CHIPPY ON HIS SHOULDER: Neo Nazi Carpenters Race Hate Bomb Plot

A baby-faced neo-Nazi is facing terror charges in Germany after his plot to start a race war by bombing public figures emerged.

The apprentice carpenter – named only as Marvin E., 20, under local privacy laws – was preparing military-grade explosives for his sick plot, prosecutors say.

He is accused of attempting to found a terrorist organisation, preparing a serious subversive act of violence, and violating Germany’s Weapons and Explosives Act.

Marvin Euhus, 20, was arrested on 16th September, 2021 in Spangenberg, Germany, is accused of attempted founding of a terrorist organization, preparation of a serious act of violence that is dangerous to the state. (Newsflash)

The would-be bomber was arrested at his home – located in the small town of Spangenberg, in the north-east of the state of Hesse, in central Germany – on 16th September last year.

He was involved with the centre-right Christian Democratic Union of Germany, the second-largest party in the Bundestag, but prosecutors believe this was just a front.

The suspect set himself up as the leader of the far-right Hesse Atomwaffen Division (AWD) – based on an American neo-Nazi group – and began recruiting followers.

Dr Ines Peterson of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office said: “Marvin E. shares the ideology of the so-called Atomwaffen Division.

“This group was originally formed in the United States and has since branched out around the world.

“Their followers represent a racist, anti-Semitic and National Socialist world view. In order to prevent what they believe to be the displacement of the ‘white population’, the organisation is striving for a ‘racial’ and civil war through which all Jews, Muslims and people in general who do not correspond to the world view of the AWD are to be killed.”

Spangenberg, Germany, where Marvin Euhus, 20, was arrested on 16th September, 2021. (Newsflash)

Marvin E. is believed to have been planning to murder politicians and officials and to attack state institutions to bring about a “right-wing extremist form of rule”.

He allegedly decided in the summer of 2021 to try to bring about a civil war according to AWD ideas in the following three years.

Dr Peterson said: “For this purpose, a ‘Hesse Atomwaffen Division’ led by him was to carry out attacks using explosive devices and firearms.

“As members, he primarily tried to recruit people with experience in handling weapons and pyrotechnics.

“At the same time, Marvin E. tried to procure the arsenal of weapons required for the attacks.

“He found out about an automatic rifle and bought various components via the Internet, which he used to create several so-called unconventional explosive devices.”

Investigators found 600 self-made “small explosive devices” on the suspect.

Spangenberg, Germany, where Marvin Euhus, 20, was arrested on 16th September, 2021. (Newsflash)

The public prosecutor said: “The mixture he produced unfolded an explosive force that achieved an efficiency roughly comparable to that of military explosives.”

Marvin E. was taken into custody.

By 6th April, over 800 police officers in 11 German states had carried out raids on 61 properties and on 46 AWD supporters.

It is said to be the biggest blow against right-wing extremists in Germany since 1945. Four suspects were arrested.