Chinese Paraglider Makes Giant Sword So He Can Surf Above The Clouds While Standing On It

These images show how a Chinese paraglider has made a giant, oversized sword that he can stand on so he can surf above the clouds.

The footage shows the man ‘surfing’ through the sky while standing on his sword, which itself appears to be attached directly to the man’s harness.

The footage was shot near the city of Changsha, which is located in Hunan Province in southern China, on Tuesday, 18th January.

Paraglider instructor flies on sword in Changsha, China. (dy8vmxqriyat/AsiaWire )

The man, who has not been named but who is reportedly a paragliding instructor, can be seen in the footage reportedly flying approximately 200 metres (656 feet) above the ground on the homemade sword, which was reportedly made of plastic.

The man is said to have been inspired by watching TV dramas and decided to make the oversized, almost cartoon-like sword so that he could ‘surf’ on it while paragliding.

The man also appears to have made himself a costume to go with the sword. His white and blue robes and cape can be seen billowing in the wind as he soars through the sky.

Paraglider instructor flies on sword in Changsha, China. (dy8vmxqriyat/AsiaWire )

Local media speculated that the man was reenacting a scene from ‘The Legend of Sword and Fairy’, also known as ‘Chinese Paladin’, a popular video game and TV series.

In the video game, which is reportedly a mythology-based role-playing video game, players can reportedly step onto a large sword and fly through the sky.