Chinese Chicken Called Elizabeth Closes Its Eyes As It Enjoys Being Pampered At A Poodle Parlour

A video of a man who decided to take his pet chicken to a poodle parlour for grooming has gone viral, as the bird evidently seems to enjoy it and even at one point goes to sleep while being washed with warm water.

The adventure of the chicken named Elizabeth took place in Jinan, which is the capital of Shandong Province in eastern China.

The footage shows the man first of all capturing the bird described as a “large chicken” and then taking it in a cage to the parlour for grooming.

Owner brings chicken in pet shop for bath in Jinan, China. (77407673982/AsiaWire)

The man paid CNY 200 (GBP 22) for the service, with many netizens pointing out that he could have bought a brand new bird for CNY 100 (GBP 11).

But the owner, identified as a Mr Bao, said it was worth it, as he regarded the chicken as his spirit totem.

The video of the bird getting pampered had notched up more than a million ‘likes’ at the time of writing.

Owner brings chicken in pet shop for bath in Jinan, China. (77407673982/AsiaWire)

Mr Bao said it had been a long winter, with the chicken ending up filthy, so he took it to the city in a cage.

As well as having its feathers cleaned and its feet scrubbed, it was also given a blow dry, which it seemed to enjoy as well.

Mr Bao had originally started a blog about renovating a property, but netizens ended up more interested in the chicken, which eventually became the main subject of his video streams.