Child Shrink Slams Cheese Challenge Saying Its Assault

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A child psychiatrist has blasted the new Cheese Challenge craze taking social media by storm which involves throwing a slice of cheese at a baby’s face saying that it is “assault.”

The controversial challenge is spreading like wildfire on social media and features adults throwing a slice of processed American cheese at a baby in a bid to see it slap onto its face and stay there.

The cruel challenge often sees babies try to swat the incoming cheese missile away, or simply looking at the camera incredulously. That is, when they are not on the verge of tears.

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Pictures Credit: CEN & CEN/@Adrien_Palacios

Dr Lisa Ouss who works as a child psychiatrist at the Necker Hospital in the French capital Paris told local media that it is physical and emotional abuse. She said: “Anyone who has something thrown in their faces would say that it is an assault. So it is assault.

“It is clear that what makes people laugh is the astonishment of the baby who is not able to defend himself.”

But she drew a line, adding: “From there to say that it is child abuse, I do not think so.”

The challenge is splitting the internet, with some netizens finding the Cheese Challenge hilarious, while others are angry, saying it is abusive.

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