Child, 3, Saved By Uncles Hug In Car Crash That Killed Parents

A three-year-old boy has been saved after his uncle used his own body to protect the toddler in a car crash that killed his young parents.

Thiago Alves, 28, and wife Giovanna Gabrielle, 21, were killed when their car crashed into a pole in the municipality of Sao Vicente in the south-eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo at around 6pm on 6th December.

The accident happened when dad Thiago lost control of the vehicle in which their three-year-old son and his 21-year-old uncle, Thiago’s half-brother, were also travelling.


The young boy and his uncle were in the back seats of the vehicle and the boy survived the crash wrapped tightly in his uncle’s arms.

According to relatives, the uncle, who has not been named, had not attempted to protect himself and instead had wrapped his arms around the boy the moment they started to crash.

The uncle and boy managed to get out of the vehicle independently and then called for help, with the uncle passing out after his injuries shortly after making the call for help.


The family had been travelling from Sao Vicente to the neighbouring municipality of Santos when the collision took place.

A photo taken at the scene shows the severity of the crash and the extent of the damage caused to the car.

Another of Thiago’s brothers, 20-year-old warehouse assistant Andrew da Silva Oliveira, told local media: “He said that at the time of the accident, he hugged him to protect him and he managed to get out of the car with him shortly after the vehicle hit the pole.


“He asked for help and fainted straight away, only waking up in hospital. They survived and it was a miracle that they escaped such a serious accident. Even the fire brigade told us so. Even though my nephew’s uncle is quite badly hurt.”

According to Oliveira, the child does not yet know that his parents died. He has allegedly been asking for his father, as the two were very attached.

Oliveira told local media: “Thiago was pure joy. Wherever he went he made everyone smile. In any situation, he brought joy. He was an excellent father, an exemplary son, and the best brother we could ever have had.


“He had ten siblings, and he was everyone’s joy. And Giovanna was a loving daughter, dedicated mother, wife and companion.

“From now on, we will learn to deal with his absence. All the siblings had daily contact with him, so an empty space will remain in our lives.”

Alves was hardworking, according to Oliveira, and the couple had just had a loan approved for them to buy a house.


The couple had already chosen the property and were due to sign the purchase documents this week.

It is not known if the accident is being investigated.

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