Chicken Shop Thug Punches Ill Lass As Pals Laugh

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN

This is the shocking moment a thug at a chicken shop counter turns around and pummels a woman, who is reportedly mentally-ill, for no reason as filming staff members laugh.

According to reports, the incident took place outside a chicken shop called ‘Pollos a la Lena Lupita’ in El Carmen Tequexquitla in the south-eastern Mexican state of Tlaxcala and was filmed by a staff member.

Reports said that the unnamed aggressor in the footage was being egged on by the employees.

Pictures Credit: CEN

In the video, a man in the background is heard saying “go on, slap her. Just one slap, nothing more.”

The man scans the scene before dipping his right shoulder and slapping the woman hard in her face.

The victim falls into the street as at least two people in the shop are heard guffawing at her misfortune.

The suspect triumphantly leans against the counter while the woman tries to sit up but ends up collapsing in the road.

According to local media, the video was filmed by a woman called Paola Espinoza and was posted online by her husband Dany who quickly deleted it after it sparked outrage.

City councillor Sergio Aquino Gonzalez told local media that the victim’s name is Cecilia and she suffers with a mental health issue.

He added that the man heard laughing in the video, identified as Juan, has been arrested while the police are continuing to track down the aggressor.

The investigation is ongoing.