CHEW WANT SOME? Vigilante Dogs See Off Gunman With Woof Justice

This is the moment a motorbike mugger is sent packing by a pair of vigilante dogs as he tries to rob a man at gunpoint.

CCTV footage of the bizarre encounter shows the gunman leaping off the back of a motorcycle and aiming his handgun at his intended victim.

But seconds later he is seen fleeing in terror as two street dogs rush in to protect the victim, growling and baring their teeth.

As he starts to retreat, the terrified gunman shouts: “Go away!”

Then he can be seen leaping back onto the motorbike pillion as his accomplice roars off down the road in the town of Jose Leon Suarez, in the northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, on 16th October.

Local media named the hero hounds as strays Malvina and Sofía, who live on the street but are cared for and fed by locals.

Malvina and Sofia, two stray dogs who are cared for by the residents of the area, attack a thief and prevented the robbery in Jose Leon Suarez, Argentina, undated. A thief attempted to rob a man on the street when he was attacked by the dogs. (Newsflash)

As the thugs flee, their intended victim – named only as Diego – pats the pups saying in Spanish: “Very good! Very good, girls! Very good!”

The dogs are reportedly much loved in the neighbourhood and have a place to sleep and are fed.

It is unclear if the authorities are investigating the incident.