Cheap Euthanasia On Dog Involved Bashing Its Head In

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

This black Labrador was found by passersby in the woods with a gaping head wound caused by a blunt instrument after its owners claimed they sent it to a vet to have it euthanised.

The incident took place outside the northern Croatian capital Zagreb when the Dumovec Animal Shelter received a call from walkers who came across the injured dog in the woods.

Picture Credit: CEN/@Azil-Dumovec

The shelter posted photos of the nine-year-old animal’s horrific head injury.

According to local media, the shelter discovered that the injured Labrador had a microchip and they managed to contact the owners.

They said on social media: “We contacted the owner who told us that they gave the dog to a man who promised to put it to sleep at the vets.

“Obviously, this man took matters into his own hands and tried to euthanise the animal in an extremely cruel way – strong blows to the head with a blunt instrument.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@Azil-Dumovec

According to reports, the vets managed to patch up the animal and it is now said to be in good health.

The Labrador is currently being cared for by the Dumovec Animal Shelter.

It is unclear why its owners wanted to put the nine-year-old dog to sleep.

The incident has been reported to the local authorities and an investigation is underway.

Netizen ‘Zorica Djurovic’ commented: “The most important thing is that the dog was saved. I hope its owners are punished.”

‘Durda Faber’ wrote: “The owner is scum, what he did was awful. Why euthanise a healthy dog? They knew exactly what that guy was going to do, shame on them. Their names should be made public.”

‘Dijana Peric’ said: “I hope the owner receives a heavy fine for putting a healthy dog to sleep and lying about someone else dealing with it. Pure evil.”

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