Chatty Kid Quizzes Fireman During Rescue Op

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Video Credit: AsiaWire / Hefei fire service

This viral footage – seen over four million times online – shows an adorable boy nervously questioning a fireman’s qualifications as the rescuer cuts a metal pipe off his trapped finger.

The boy, five, had found the short metal pipe on the ground and slipped it on his left index finger, but soon found his digit firmly lodged inside, his mum revealed.

She took him to a fire station in Hefei, capital of Anhui Province in East China, to have his trapped finger freed on 8th October.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire / Hefei fire service

Video shows fireman Zhao Mingde using a small handheld grinder to cut away at the metal housing around the pipe.

But the fully focused rescuer also finds time to respond to the nervous five-year-old who cannot stop chattering away as the fireman works around his finger.

In the video, the boy asks: “Sir, are you a professional? I’m really very afraid, even though I’m extremely courageous.”

Zhao reassures the child that there is nothing to worry about, but the boy will not stop talking.

After he attempts to chatter away some more, his embarrassed mum covers his mouth and says: “Stop talking so much, son!”

Zhao and his colleagues removed the metal pipe in a matter of minutes, leaving the relieved boy staring at his intact fingers and thumbs.

He was unharmed and was sent home with his mum, who reminds the cute boy to thank his rescuers on his way out the door.

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