Charred Body Of Student Found With Cuts To Back And Neck

The charred body of a young student who apparently died in a flat blaze has been found to have five cuts down the back and neck suggesting a possible murder and cover-up.

The burned remains of Yolanda Mile Rocha Santana, 21, were found in the apartment where she lived alone in the Brazilian municipality of Luziania on 11th August.

According to investigators, new evidence has found five cuts to the young woman’s back and neck.


It is still too early to tell what kind of object was used to cut the victim and whether this is what caused her death.

Investigators are trying to determine whether Santana was killed and what could have been the motive.

Thirteen people have already been questioned, among them relatives, colleagues, and friends of the young woman.


Santana’s body was found when the fire brigade was called to put out a flat blaze.

The victim had been studying accountancy in the nearby capital of Brasilia and lived alone in the apartment.

Her charred body was found in a locked room that had been completely destroyed by the fire.


Neighbours attest to seeing smoke emanating from the property and tried to quell the flames with buckets of water.

Santana’s next door neighbour told police she heard a scream followed by an explosion.

The investigation continues.

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