Chapecoense Survivor Slams Sympathy Vote Critics

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

This survivor of the Chapecoense plane tragedy has announced he is signing for another club and says he wants to “shut up” people who say he is only selected out of “pity”.

Full-back Alan Ruschel was one of six survivors of the tragic LaMia flight accident which claimed the lives of 71 people, 19 of whom were Chapecoense players, in November of 2016.

Pictures Credit: Golders/@alanruschel

Ruschel, 29, was able to return to the pitch after nine months of recovery in a friendly match against FC Barcelona at the Camp Nou but has since reportedly received criticism from fans who claim he was only allowed to be on the team out of pity for having gone through such an experience.

Ruschel has now held a press conference after it was revealed that was being transferred to fellow Brazilian side Goias Esporte Clube where he addressed the criticism and spoke about his future.

Pictures Credit: Golders/@alanruschel

He spoke about his “challenge” to “play at a high level” after he “dedicated” himself to return. His new challenge is “prove to” himself “that he does not depend on anyone’s pity”.

He said his “move to Goias is to show Brazil that I returned to play at a high level. So much so that the coach from there came by and saw that I can help”.

Pictures Credit: Golders/@alanruschel

He went on to say: “My move there is to shut up some of those who talk nonsense, who say things they should not. If I ever bothered anyone here, it was not because I did not work. On the contrary, I leave with my head held high after doing my best here.”

He added: “It’s difficult to leave, I have played important matches for the club. I helped the club move up to the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, I was a champion (of the state of Santa Catarina) and I was in the plane tragedy.”

The shocking crash took place near Medellin, Colombia. Chapecoense was travelling to Medellin to play the 2016 2016 Copa Sudamericana Final against CA Atletico Nacional SA.

The accident claimed the lives of 71 out of 77 people on board. Out of the six survivors two were flight crew, one was a journalist and three were Chapecoense players.

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