Chain Reaction: Man Smashes 215 Pillars With Single Kick

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a tourist kicks a loose railing pillar on a riverbank and accidentally causes a chain reaction that brings down 215 of the concrete columns in one go.

CCTV images from Gu County in China’s northern province of Shanxi shows the as yet unnamed male visitor planting the full force of his right foot on one pillar which is already slanting to one side.

The pillar crashes into the river below but begins pulling down columns to its left and right due to the metal chains connecting them all along the embankment known as Shili Corridor on 29th January.


As the pillars fall like dominoes and other tourists stare in shock, the guilty visitor wearing a cap and surgical mask begins walking away in the middle of the chaos, bringing his male acquaintance with him.


Officials managing the tourist spot said they called the police on the individual for vandalising state property, but it is unclear whether an arrest has been made.

But red-faced officials are also fielding questions from members of the public who are asking why the railing, which is meant to prevent visitors from falling into the river and drowning, appears to be so fragile.

County government spokesman Mr Yang, who said the tourist kicked the pillar “for fun”, told local media today (31st January): “A total of 215 concrete pillars were damaged along a 688-metre (2,257-foot) section.

“It was a chain reaction because they were connected by a metal chain.

“When one fell, it pulled another, and another, and another.”

Mr Yang said the government would respond at a later stage to questions regarding the railing’s build quality.

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