Husband And Nephew Shoot Wife At Point-Blank Range

Story By:  Alex Cope, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News   This is the moment a nephew shoots his aunt to the ground as she runs away from him before the victim's husband comes and helps shoot her twice in the head at point blank range. The startling scenes were recorded by…

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Pic shows: The drunk patient is beating the nurses; By Sergey Panashchuk A drunk whose brutal attack on two hospital nurses while he was waiting for treatment was caught on CCTV footage is facing assault charges. The 38-year-old man's vicious attack left both women with serious injuries, say police in Veliky Novgorod, central Russia. One will have to undergo facial reconstruction surgery and the other suffered concussion from head injuries after being knocked senseless, reports said. CCTV footage of the attack begins with the man rowing angrily with one white-coated nurse in a hospital corridor. As she remonstrates with him, the drunk - not named by police - suddenly grabs her white coat and repeatedly slams her backwards into a wall. He shouts at the terrified medic: "Am I attacking you? Do you understand what I am saying?" Then as he slaps her, another nurse can be seen rushing to help saying: "What do you think you are doing, you freak?" As she gets between the man and her colleague he tries to choke her, then he repeatedly punches her in the face. He then turns again to the first nurse and knocks her to the ground with a single punch where the stays, apparently stunned. As he starts to punch and chase the other nurse around the corridors he snarls: "Do you understand what I am talking about you stupid one?" Police say he was arrested at the hospital and has been charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Drunk Patients Vicious Assault On Hospital Nurses Video Credit: CEN A drunk patient who left two nurses with serious injuries after attacking them in the hospital has been jailed by police. The brutal 38-year-old attacker - not named by police in Veliky Novgorod, central Russia - has been detained in custody for two months while police…