CARRY ON CLEANING: Biker Couple Move Giant Washing Machine On Busy Road

The bizarre footage shows a biker riding down a busy road with his pillion passenger holding a massive washing machine.

The unusual scene was filmed on Avenue Almirante Barroso – a main road in Belem, Brazil – on 22nd January.

A fellow road user filmed the biker forgoing a helmet as he rides his motorcycle down the middle of the road.

Unlike the biker, his pillion passenger is wearing a helmet, but this safety measure is offset by the fact that she is holding a giant washing machine in her arms.

She can be seen balancing the large device precariously on her right thigh as the bike travels at normal speed down the road.

A woman holds washing machine while riding on a bike in Belem, Brazil. The people have not been identified. (CEN)

Instagram user @pattyy_of asked: “Why didn’t they help and give them a lift in their car instead of simply filming like this?”

Media in Brazil reported that irregular transport of cargo on a motorcycle is considered an infraction in the Brazilian Traffic Code.

It can lead to the seizure of the motorcycle, a fine of BRL 191.54 (GBP 30), and seven points on the rider’s driving licence.