Cargo Worker Sacked For Dropping Dog In Cage

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


An airport luggage loader who dropped a cage with a dog which then broke allowing the animal to escape onto the airfield has been fired.

The bizarre incident took place at the Sochi International Airport, when the S7 Airlines flight was about to leave for the capital city of Moscow.


Timur Aliev, whose dog Finik (Fig) was inside the cage, said his dog had being forced to take a different flight because the plane he was on did not have a heated cargo area.

But by chance as the dog in its cage was being moved into the new plan, it was being filmed by an onlooker who captured the moment the dog scrambled out of the luggage and ends up on the airport tarmac with the cargo movers.


The man, who dropped the cage, then managed to put the large white dog back inside and fixed the damaged part with duct tape.

The owner was shocked to see the cage’s condition upon arrival, and took Finik to the vet right away.

Even though the vet did not find any damages on Finik, it was recommended to closely monitor the cute dog.


Aliev has since complained about the services on his social media page, and representatives of the S7 airlines told him that it is the airport responsible for loading and unloading the flights.

But shortly after the news has become public, it was reported that the man in charge of the cage’s transportation was fired.

Aliev and his girlfriend Yulia are now determined to raise the issue on a larger scale, in order to make sure that all kind of passengers – fluffy or not, are feeling comfortable flying.

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