Care Nurse That Killed Elderly Patients Jailed for Life

Story By: James KingSub-EditorDarko Manevski, Agency: Clipzilla

A Polish conman who moved to Germany where he reinvented himself as a carer has been jailed for life after robbing the people he was supposed to be looking after and then murdering them.

Police found evidence that Polish nursing assistant Grzegorz Stanislaw Wolsztajn, 38, had probably cared for dozens of elderly people around the country before he was finally caught. And now he has been convicted for murdering three of them.

The diabetic who hired himself out as a nursing assistant was accused of using his insulin stick to kill his victims, and was caught when a doctor in his last victim noticed evidence of the injections and police were called in.


An autopsy found that the man had indeed been murdered, and an examination of other places he had worked then identified other victims.

He was arrested earlier this year in Munich in the southern German state of Bavaria on suspicion of having killed the first victim who was identified as an 87-year-old pensioner in Ottobrun in Bavaria on 12th February 2018.

In court, it was revealed he had written a letter to his victims on which he apologises for what he had done, and denies that he ever intended to kill them after ransacking their homes for valuables. He said he used the insulin merely to make them rest so he could carry out the thefts.


He described himself in the note as a “degenerate murderer” and added that he had accepted he would “never see the light of day again”.

Prosecutors said that when he started in 2015 as a carer, he had never wanted to offer any care, but instead simply want to enrich himself at the expense of his victims. He said he had only started using the insulin in April 2017 because he wanted to have some peace and quiet.

The prosecutor added that he had “acted completely heartlessly and without any empathy”. He added: “He routinely injected the insulin out of frustration at the workload, general annoyance, or because he couldn’t be bothered to deal with their demands.”


Police said that he had been working as a carer since May 2015 in Germany and evidence indicated that the series of alleged murders began in April 2017.

Many of the patients were completely at the mercy of the man who weighed 160 kg (25 stones) despite being just 1.6 metres tall (5ft 3 in), and they needed round-the-clock care.

He was convicted of three counts of murder, four counts of attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm, and jailed for life.


Because life sentences in Germany can be converted after 15 years to probation, the judge also added a note that he was extremely dangerous to ensure it is likely that he will never be released.

The case is similar to that of 41-year-old ex-nurse Niels Hoegel, who is serving life sentence for two counts of murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count of dangerous bodily injury and is currently on trial again for allegedly murdering another 100 patients in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony.

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