Car Left In Spaceship-Like Launch Position After Crash

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a bungling woman driver seemingly unable to decide whether to turn left or right and crashing head-on into a motorway sign as her vehicle is left stuck vertically against a metal support pole.

The incident was captured on dashcam on the Dong Hu viaduct in Hangzhou’s Yuhang District, which is in China’s eastern province of Zhejiang.

Picture Credit:AsiaWire

Footage of the accident on 15th September shows a white saloon car driver Ms Tang, 26, attempting to merge onto a slip road in order to exit the motorway towards the area of Qiaosi.

However, she heads straight towards the fork in the road and crashed head-on into a set of crash cushions before driving her car up the thick metal pole holding motorway road signs.

Ms Tang’s vehicle is left parked in the awkward vertical position which social media users have dubbed a ‘takeoff’ position – as if the woman were preparing to be launched into space.

Yuhang police said Ms Tang was carrying two passengers at the time of the accident. None was injured,

Images show one of the women managing a smile and appearing to be laughing as she prepares to escape through the front passenger door

The authorities said Ms Tang was cleared of drink- or drug taking.

The accident is still being investigated.

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