CAN’T WET GO: Police Officers Swim After Suspected Murderer And Arrest Him In The Water

This is the moment police officers swim after a fleeing suspect who had jumped into a lake in a failed attempt to escape arrest for stealing a car.

The suspect, later identified as Jetarvius Q. Thompson, was at first trying to make a getaway in a Dodge Charger he had previously stolen.

After apparently deciding to abandon the car, Thompson can be seen proceeding on foot and then jumping into the nearby Tatum Lake reportedly thinking the water might save him.

The officer jumps in the water and arrests the suspect in Atlanta, Georgia, the USA on 25 August 2022. (@Atlanta_Police/Newsflash)

Officers from the Atlanta Police Department (APD), had joined forces with the APD Air Unit, who had filmed the footage, and quickly located the escaping suspect.

The officers can be seen jumping into the water right after him and getting a hold of Thompson in a matter of minutes. Two APD officers can be seen escorting the swimmer suspect out of the water and onto the shore.

Thompson was reportedly sought after by Atlanta Police ever since 2017 for a murder charge and child cruelty.

APD gave notice to criminals following this incident: “If you come to this city to commit a crime, understand that by air, land, and water, APD officers will use every resource to track you down and arrest you.”