CABIN CHAOS: Strong Turbulence Hits Long-Haul Flight To Portugal, Injuring 10

This footage shows how strong turbulence caused carnage on a flight from Angola to Portugal, leaving at least 10 injured.

The clips show how meals, trays, and plastic cutlery litter the aisles on the flight from Luanda to Lisbon on 23rd March.

Food and drink stains can be seen all over the cabin, including on the cracked and perforated ceiling panels.

In the third piece of footage, a plastic tray can even be seen wedged in the gap above the overhead bins.

Media in Portugal reported that at least 10 people, including two crew members, were injured on the Hi Fly flight operated by TAAG Angola Airlines.

TAAG said “adverse atmospheric conditions” caused the turbulence, which reportedly struck as the plane was flying over the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Eight passengers required medical assistance, with a doctor on board assisting one of the injured.

TAAG said in a statement that an ambulance and medical team were sent to Lisbon Airport, where the flight landed at 8.37pm, seven hours and 18 minutes after take-off.

Portuguese media reported that many of the passengers showed symptoms of anxiety.

Heavy rain in the Angolan capital caused a flight to Lisbon scheduled for later that day to be postponed due to the slippery runway.

The European Union banned TAAG aircraft from entering into European airspace in July 2007 because of safety concerns.

The ban was completely lifted in April 2019, following a number of partial relaxations over the years.