Cabbie Burns Dog Alive As Pooch Scratched Him For Peeing

Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report


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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

These pics show the adorable pooch that was burned alive in his kennel after he scratched a taxi driver who was peeing next to the dog house.

An animal rights organisation in the south-western Indonesian capital Jakarta has accused the motorbike cabbie of burning the dog alive while posting grisly photos of the badly-burned dog on social media.

The Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation said that the dog died from its terrible injuries at a veterinary clinic.

According to the animal rights NGO, the taxi driver urinated next to the kennel of his neighbour’s dog in the Menteng area of the capital city.

NGO founder Christian Joshua Pale told local media: “Lucky (the dog) was minding his business in his kennel when all of a sudden a person peed next to its kennel, so Lucky scratched him.”

Angered, the cabbie told his female neighbour to move the dog’s kennel otherwise he would burn Lucky alive, according to reports.

As the woman was on her way to the mosque and unable to move the kennel right away, she came home to find her dog barely alive.

Pale said: “It turned out that the threat was real. Lucky was burned alive in his kennel after the culprit smashed a bottle of gasoline against his head.”

Lucky’s owner and Sarana Metta representatives reported the incident to the police, who have yet to confirm whether they are investigating the dog’s shocking death.

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