BYE BOSS: Port Company In Chaos After 44 Workers Become Overnight Millionaires On Lottery

A Brazilian port company has been left in chaos after 44 employees became overnight millionaires on the lottery.

The workers, who pooled together to try their luck on Mega-Sena’s 2468 contest, scooped the jackpot of BRL 122.6 million (GBP 20.2 million) on the draw on 2nd April.

The 44 lucky employees, who worked for a port logistics company in the city of Santos in the eastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, each scooped BRL 2,786,981 (GBP 459,850).

The winning Mega-Sena lottery ticket, in Santos, Brazil, won on 3rd April. (Newsflash)

The pool was open to any employee who wanted to participate, and some of them have been left “in tears” after declining to chip in.

The jammy employees who did included workers in the cleaning department through to executives in management.

One of the winners posted a snap of the winning ticket on social media.

The winning ticket was registered to a pool of 44 people at the Santo & Santo lottery shop in the neighbourhood of Vila Mathias at around midday on the day of the draw.

The Santo & Santo lottery, in Santos, Brazil, where the tickets were bought. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

According to one of the winners, who preferred not to be named for security reasons, some company workers who declined to take part in the pool are “in tears and crying nonstop”.

The 44 new millionaires came from all fields within the logistics company at the Port of Santos, including cleaners, technicians, and the company’s management, according to local reports.

One winner showed the names of 37 of the 44 winners to a reporter of the news site G1, and of them were 21 men and 16 women.

It is unclear how many plan to leave their job in light of their newfound fortune.