Bus Driver Filmed Texting By Passengers On Busy Road

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the shocking moment a bus driver is secretly filmed texting on his mobile phone by a passenger while driving along a busy road.

The incident was filmed on an unspecified bus route in Serbia and shared on YouTube where it has been viewed 23,000 times.

Local media said that the unnamed driver works for the Serbian transport company Nis-Ekspres.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

In the footage, the driver is seen steering with one hand while apparently texting with his other.

Meanwhile, he continually looks up at the road and down again like a nodding dog.

According to local media, Nis-Ekspres drivers have been involved in a number of serious incidents in recent months.

Reports said that a vehicle was involved in an accident on a level crossing in December 2018 which killed seven people and injured 29 others.

Meanwhile, four people died and six were injured last month when a bus crashed into a lorry in the village of Barlovo.

Nis-Ekspres has yet to comment on the latest incident, according to local media.

Netizen ‘Nebojsa’ commented: “A phone is more dangerous than alcohol while driving.”

‘Putnik’ said: “This is not unusual. Whenever I travel on an intercity bus, drivers are always on their mobile phones and those who smoke always light up.”

‘Js’ wrote: “Maybe he had to call his wife?”

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