Bus Driver Dodges Crash-For-Cash Scammer

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This footage shows a minibus driver’s split-second reactions as a suspected ‘crash-for-cash’ scammer suddenly runs in front of her but she stops inches from them.

The video shows the female bus driver travelling on Argyle Street, a major thoroughfare in Hong Kong’s Kowloon area, when the would-be fraudster targets the crowded vehicle on 9th June.

The man wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans suddenly sprints onto the two-lane road in front of the minibus and then turns his back to the windscreen apparently expecting to be hit.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

However, the would-be accident scammer is thwarted by the fast reactions of the driver who slams on the brakes and stops just inches away from the suspect.

The crash-for-cash scammer appears just as surprised as the bus fails to hit him and does not even walk away as the driver puts on the handbrake and climbs out to confront him.

Though the apparently deliberate attempt was caught on camera, it is unclear whether the driver reported the incident to the police.

Social media user Tina Lo said: “The bus driver should’ve called the police. Imagine the fright all the bus passengers got.”

‘Ho Kuen Chung’ wrote: “Those are some fast reactions by the driver!”

‘AngelaQoo Qoo’ added: “He should’ve been caught and handed to the police.”

‘Felix Wu’ said: “This one should be extradited to China.”

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