Bus Driver And Inspector Brawl As Passengers Watch

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News


This is the moment a bus driver and an inspector trade blows on the roadside as passengers watch on.

The punch up took place next to a Santiago-El Turbo bus that departs from the Chilean capital of Santiago in the province with the same name in central Chile.

The footage shows the two men exchanging blows and grappling with each other before the traffic guard ends up on the floor and the bus driver climbs in his vehicle and leaves.


Reports claim that several passengers were travelling on the bus line and watched the scene from the windows.

The fight was also witnessed by an onlooker who stands aside and does nothing to stop the brawl right in front of his eyes.

Reports said that the driver works for the local bus company TurBus.

The video has been widely shared on social media and the bus company confirmed that the service was interrupted following the incident, although it is unclear for exactly how long the service was delayed.

The passengers were reportedly transferred to another bus in the Algarrobo terminal.

TurBus also confirmed they will consider taking disciplinary measures once the investigation is finished. It is currently unclear who started the fight.

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