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Bungling Workers Build Electric Poles In Middle Of Road

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/IgorBogatov

These images show how bungling workers have erected electricity poles in the middle of a main road in Russia.

The video was recorded on a dashboard camera driving on a road near the village of Zaozernoye in north-western Russia’s Vladimir Oblast region and shows the bizarre decisions made by local construction professionals.

A man, whose name is not reported, drives down the road and records an electricity pole which has been erected in the middle of the tarmac.

The driver then continues further down the road where he founds another electricity pole has been erected with its support leaning across an entire lane of the road.

Picture Credit: CEN/IgorBogatov

The men stressed that there are no warning signs alerting drivers to the poles’ presence and he said it could be dangerous.

Local authorities have not commented on the situation but netizens have waded in, such as griboedoff77’ who commented: “This can turn deadly, especially in the night hours and those who are new to this neighbourhood.”

While ‘Pross77’ added: “I totally see it as an attempted murder. One other thing that officials could go further with is locating electricity cables a little lower, so motorists actually hit them…”

And ‘Udjin1986’ said: “How stupid could a person be to come up with something like that?!”

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Anastasia Smirnova

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