Bungling Thief Accidentally Shoots Self In Leg In Raid

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This is the moment a bungling thief in a motorbike helmet appears to accidentally shoot himself in the leg while stuffing his revolver down his trousers during an armed robbery.

The incident, which cost the robber his life a few hours later, took place in a shop in the city centre of Tucuman, in the northern Argentina province of the same name, as the thief, named in reports as Federico Luis Acosta, was reportedly carrying out his third robbery of the day.

In the video, the thief can be seen standing at the counter, forcing the shopkeeper, who has not been named in reports, to hand over the money from the till.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

The robber then turns and a customer walks into the shop. The criminal then points his pistol, which had been hidden from the camera until that points, at the customer and makes him put his hands in the air.

The customer then walks behind a stand of products and the thief goes to put his gun into his trousers but accidentally pulls the trigger.

The gunshot can be heard and the thief walks out of the shop hobbling past a shocked female customer.

Local media reported that Acosta was found by police some blocks away from the shop, with his motorbike and a gun with five bullets and a used cartridge.

Officers noticed that Acosta had an injury near the left side of his groin so he was taken to a nearby hospital but he was reported as dead a few hours later.

Local media report that before the robbery in the shop he had robbed a woman in the street and a pharmacy in the same area.

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