Brutal Brawl In Stands At Kids Football Match

Story By: Alex Cope,Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

Video Credit: Golders/@AlamosCDMX

This is the moment a brutal fight with thugs hitting each other umbrellas breaks out in the stands of a children’s football match.

The startling scenes were filmed at the Jardin Santiago Felipe Xicotencatl sports facilities (known as Alamos park) in the Alamos colony of the Mexican capital Mexican City during a children’s football match.

In the video, the children can be seen playing on the pitch when a spectator in a vest in the stands hits another onlooker and a brawl suddenly breaks out.

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Pictures Credit: Golders/@AlamosCDMX

A man in a black-and-white football shirt can be seen hitting another thug with an umbrella and the pair begin punching each other in the face as a female onlooker shouts “there are children around!”.

Others then pile in and a pair of thugs can be seen stamping on one man on the ground as a woman screams.

The brutal fighting continues as the referees stop the match until it seemingly comes to an end. The video was posted with the caption: “Deplorable scenes at the Jardin Santiago Felipe Xicotencatl where spectators at a children’s match came to blows. We hope all those involved have action taken against them.”

Local media report none of those involved in the fighting have been identified and no measures have been taken against them. 

However, local media report Alfonso Geoffrey Recoder, the local Director of Sport, has suspended both the youth football teams who were playing at the time “indefinitely” while the youth league will be suspended for the next three weekends. It is unclear what caused the fight.

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