UK Marine To Climb Burj Khalifa Height With Son On Back

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Newsflash


This British former Royal Marine is set to climb the equivalent of the world’s tallest building with his son – who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder – strapped to his back.

Former Royal Marine Nick Watson, who is based in Dubai int he United Arab Emirates, is training to walk up the stairs of his home 118 times with his son Rio strapped to his back, making a total of 829 metres (2,722 feet) – the equivalent of the height of the world’s tallest building the Burj Khalifa.

The ‘Climb With Rio’ challenge is set to take place on Saturday 9th May and Watson believes it will take the pair around four hours to complete as they aim to inspire people to stay home, safe and fit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nick and Rio are challenging others around the world to choose iconic landmarks to scale without leaving their homes and wheelchair users are encouraged to pick a distance and complete it in laps in their homes.

In the video, the pair, who make up Team AngelWolf along with Nick’s wife Delphine, and daughter Tia, can be seen training on their stairs.


Watson said: “Our motto has always been togetherness and inclusivity, so the Climb With Rio challenge is our way of bringing people together at a time when many of us are being asked to stay apart.

“Both globally and locally, we are all going through a really tough period and we believe that this is a great opportunity to spread positivity throughout our communities. For those observing Ramadan, we also hope that our challenge can help raise awareness of the importance of staying healthy and active while fasting during the Holy Month.”

Fitness expert Nick has reportedly run over 215 races with his son who suffers from a rare chromosome disorder to raise awareness of those in the UAE with disabilities and to encourage their involvement in sport.

Alex Cope

I am a senior writer and editor of the Golders news agency specialising in sports news from around the world.