BRIDE AND GLOOM: Wedding Day Tears At Chinese Bride’s ‘Forced Marriage’

This is the heartbreaking moment when the bride in a ‘forced marriage’ sobs in misery just moments before she walks down the aisle.

A 20-year-old bride in south-western China touched millions after a video of her wiping tears from her cheeks surfaced online.

The bride – named Ms Yan in local media in Weining, Guizhou Province – can be seen crying as she waits in her wedding dress surrounded by her bridesmaids.

As she dabs away her tears with a tissue, she waits for the groom.

She said she has to get married to please her parents, family and even her neighbours, local media reported.

Yan allegedly felt obligated to get wed due to her parents getting older and pressuring her into settling down.

Having decided to obey her parents’ wishes, Yan agreed to marry a man she met on a blind date and, for a while, made peace with it, reports say.

So she reportedly ended up choosing her future husband, whom she did not dislike but did not like either.

But as the wedding day dawned on her on 4th January, she was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.

In a video that was shared on Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – the beautiful young bride allegedly stated she was not looking forward to a loveless marriage while quietly weeping.

A user under the handle ‘witty young man’ commented: “When I was a child and saw a bride, I thought she was beautiful and happy. Now that I am married, the only thing that comes to mind is’ this girl’s good days are over’.”

And user ‘don’t look at the moon’ apparently shared in her pain, and said: “I’m going to marry someone I don’t like this month. Everyone is happy, but I’m not happy.”

In many parts of China, being pressured or forced into marriage is still an existing cultural norm.

Bride prepares for wedding day in Weining, Guizhou in China, undated. She did not have a desire to get married. (TA4444A/AsiaWire )

Though young people are increasingly looking to marry for love, some members of older generations are still trying to impose traditional expectations on their children.