Brazilian Model Couple Found Dead Inside Shower

This young couple with model good looks has been found dead in the shower from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning.

Matheus Correia Viana and Nathalia Guzzardi Marques, both 30 years old, were found dead inside the shower in their apartment in the upmarket suburb of Leblon in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro on the night of Tuesday 22nd June.

Nathalia was the mother of an eight-year-old boy who had been collected from school the previous day by his grandmother, and he was not in the couple’s home at the time.

Nathalia Guzzardi Marques who was found dead in Leblon, Brazil on 22 June 2021. (Newsflash)

The couple was found by Matheus’ friends, who found the businessman’s disappearance strange and so went to his apartment, which they unlocked with the code he had previously given them.

One of the friends called the fire brigade, informing them they had found the couple passed out inside the shower.

However, the same friend called back minutes later to inform the firefighters that the two were dead.

Nathalia Guzzardi Marques who was found dead in Leblon, Brazil on 22 June 2021. (Newsflash)

Forensic examiners found no signs of a break-in at the property, leading them to believe the cause of death was intoxication from a gas leak in the bathroom, where the gas heater is located.

Nathalia’s relatives had been surprised by her disappearance. She had last seen her mother for lunch on Monday 21st June, where she asked her to pick her eight-year-old son up from school because she had an appointment.

Her mother called the clinic she worked at as a psychologist the following day and was informed that she had not shown up for work. Her family then filed a missing person report with the police.

Matheus Correia Viana who was found dead in Leblon, Brazil on 22 June 2021. (Newsflash)

The gas company, Naturgy, has issued a statement expressing its regret at the couple’s deaths, also emphasising that it had not received any call regarding a possible gas leak at the property.

The company also pointed out that the maintenance of appliances inside homes is the consumer’s responsibility.

The investigation into the couple’s deaths is ongoing, and the prime hypothesis for the cause of death remains carbon monoxide poisoning.