Brazilian Ex-Farmgirl Raking It In On OnlyFans After Beating Anorexia

A Brazilian former farmgirl has told how she is raking it in on the London-based adult content platform OnlyFans after beating anorexia.

Faby Vargas, undated. Faby Vargas, a woman from Espirito Santo, Brazil, is an adult content creator for OnlyFans. (@fabyvargasoficial/Newsflash)

Faby Vargas, 27, from Espirito Santo, Brazil, told local media that she made BRL 40,000 (GBP 6,550) already after she started selling nudes on the saucy social media platform.

She revealed that last year she was turned down by a prominent, unnamed, men’s magazine who only saw her as a “redneck”, but now she is having the last laugh as she builds an army of fans online.

Faby said: “At the time they called me a redneck, just because I come from the countryside. I live in Espirito Santo and my family is from the countryside.

“They said that girls from the countryside didn’t sell, that people wanted well-groomed women who were glamorous. And I was from the countryside, I wore boots and a plaid shirt.”

The gorgeous woman said that the incident made her sad at first, but also gave her the strength to persevere.

She said: “I was sad, of course. But that only gave me strength to get money. It was a personal achievement to pose nude. I thought: ‘why don’t I do it for myself?’ It was then that I threw myself onto the platform.”

And Faby said that since most of her photos show her in a rural setting, this ended up catching the eye of potential subscribers, who saw in her content something different and new.

Faby Vargas, undated. Faby Vargas, a woman from Espirito Santo, Brazil, is an adult content creator for OnlyFans. (@fabyvargasoficial/Newsflash)

Faby said: “While the girls took luxurious photos, on beaches and yachts, I showed off in the woods, in the fields.

“I realised that it was a fetish for men, it stirred their imagination. I thought: now I change my life. I had never made money that way before. When BRL 40,000 fell into my account, I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was some kind of joke.”

Faby, who was reportedly anorexic and weighed just 45 kilogrammes, now weighs 75 kilogrammes and has built up her muscles in the gym.

She said: “Men are horny for muscles.”

She added: “I realised that when I changed my lifestyle and started training at the gym. It paid off so much that I left my government job to sell nudes.

“I’m earning 15 times more. The idea is to open my own gym with the money from OnlyFans and then think about a network, I’m going to use the money to see this project through.”

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